Do these problems keep you from sleeping?

  • Your snoring is upsetting your whole household.

  • Your CPAP machine is sitting in the closet because you can’t use it.

  • You are suffering with headaches.

  • You are seeing numerous health professionals but not getting better.

  • You are looking older than you really are.

  • You are worried about falling asleep at the wheel when you drive.

If you said YES, you are not alone…


Forty-five percent of Americans say that poor or insufficient sleep affect their daily activities.



Fifty-six percent of all Americans over the age of 40 snore.


Twenty-seven percent of all couples over 40 sleep in separate rooms because of snoring problems.

Is snoring or CPAP intolerance ruining your life? The Full Breath Solution from the Full Breath Center can make a difference.

We stop snoring and get you oxygen to improve your health as well as anyone in the country.

At the Center we treat patients every day that are snoring loudly, and/or can’t wear their CPAP, and are worried about falling asleep at the wheel, and a whole group of other health problems. It is time to leave behind your worries and troubles that come because you snore or are CPAP intolerant.

Learn how to Live Longer, Healthier, and Keep Away from the MD’s

Meet the Full Breath Solution Inventor Dr. Keropian

Dr. Bryan Keropian, the dentist and inventor behind the Full Breath Solution, has dedicated his life to developing a snoring solution as well as an alternative CPAP solution for those intolerant to CPAP. After years of research, treatment is now available to you in a state of the art facility by caring staff and doctors.

Dr. Keropian has obtained 5 FDA Certifications for the Full Breath Solution being the most effective treatment on the planet for those who are CPAP intolerant. He has developed a success rate of 96% at eliminating snoring.


Full Breath Solution has developed a success rate of 96% at eliminating snoring.

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