Did Any Doctor Tell You About Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea affects close to 50% of American adults. This results in low levels of oxygen in the body, hypoxemia. The low oxygen causes the body to become acidic.  This is a major cause of illness, pain, and body breakdown.

On the website of the Center for Disease Control they list the10 leading causes of death in the U.S. They are:

      1. Heart Disease
      2. Cancer
      3. Lung Disease
      4. Brain Disease
      5. Diabetes
      6. Flu/Pneumonia
      7. Kidney Disease
      8. Alzheimer’s
      9. Accidents
      10. Suicides

    These 10 are all made worse by hypoxemia and acidosis.  And you could add another 25 to 100 other maladies to this list.

    The CDC also says on their website that 117 million Americans suffer from chronic disease.  And chronic disease is also made worse by hypoxemia and acidity.

    Sleep apnea causes low O2 to the body, which results in acidosis, and then we see the effect it causes.  A Nobel Prize was given for research showing that low oxygen levels in the body, hypoxemia, caused increased cancer, infectious bacteria, virus, and causes the body to become acidic.

    This is a very dangerous malady that causes disruption with body function.  There are treatment cures for reducing the effect of apnea. Medicine has the CPAP a mask that fits over the nose and mouth or either one and it blows pressured air into the nose and mouth and opens the airway. It presents a problem of being very tough to adapt to wearing it.  Rejection rate for the CPAP runs as high as 83% in the literature.

    Dentistry has developed mouthpieces that pull the lower jaw forward to pull the tongue forward and open the airway.  They are called MADs, Mandibular Advancing devices


    They have moderate success oxygenating the body. As they advance the lower jaw they have 2 drawbacks: one they cause facial and neck pain, and second the lower jaw can be permanently moved forward and creates a “bad bite”or malocclusion that could need corrective treatment.

    But dentistry now has a new designed oral sleep appliance, the Full Breath Solution, that depresses the tongue with an adjustable wire tail and opens the airway for oxygen in the body.  This appliance with O2 creates abundant O2 and converts the body alkalinity. This is the appliance we need to handle all the negative problems that occur with hypoxemia.

    If you are in Southern California, come in for a no charge consultation appointment and we can see how we can improve your health. For those not near us, email or call and I can get a dentist near you who can work with our methodology to get you in better health.


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We know that sleep apnea and snoring cause low oxygen levels in the body, hypoxemia. This results in the body becoming acidic. These two maladies

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