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Are you tired and exhausted? Feel weak, ill, and have body pain? Have you tried to get answers to solve this condition. Many, many people suffer from Sleep Apnea and either do not know it or do not want to wear a CPAP (a mask worn over the mouth and/or nose). The problem is serious and changes the life and health of the person who is not getting enough oxygen. The tongue and airway are the cause of the obstruction and this can be analyzed very easily. Come in and get a FREE Airway Analysis, valued at $800.00 to see if your airway is keeping you from getting enough oxygen and keeping you from feeling rested and doing well in life! Everyone has an airway. The neck and throat are a vital conduit to the lungs and digestive track. When the esophagus gets blocked or narrowed it affects digestion and more. When the airway gets blocked it affects your entire body. At his Full Breath Center in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, Bryan Keropian, DDS, offers an Airway Analysis using a Diagnostic tool called a Pharangometer. Find out if you snore or have Sleep Apnea because your airway is being obstructed when you sleep. 

Pain and Fatigue Q & A

Obstructive sleep apnea is a simple concept of the tongue blocking the airway, that becomes a dangerous and complex problem, since it lowers the oxygen to the lungs and tissue. This blockage occurs when the tongue falls back into the airway during sleep, causing the patient to stop breathing for as little as 10 seconds and up to a minute or more! The result is inadequate oxygen, causing chronic exhaustion, lack of clarity, depression and even fearful of driving after a certain point in the day, attending an important meeting or sitting in a theatre with others. Some aspects of this problem make for funny sitcom humor, but the truth of the matter is this is a deadly disease. 

No, there are many factors that can influence this obstruction of an airway. A short neck, a fat neck, large tonsils, uncontrolled weight issues or a large uvula (the dangling flesh some people have hanging from their palate) can all add to the obstruction. But, the real culprit is the tongue and airway. 

There is a machine used by Sleep Specialist that can actually inspect and analyze the airway. It is a sonogram device that uses sound waves to measure the airway shape from throat to upper lung region. It is very useful in identifying if the airway is being obstructed and to what degree. This device is called a Pharyngometer, pronounced ‘fair-an-gometer. 

Not only can this tool be used to see the extent of the compromised airway and help a doctor to treat the problem, it can be used to see the effectiveness of a dental device, by measuring the airway with the appliance in the patient’s mouth. It is a simple, easy to use, painless evaluation that helps a patient recognize, understand and treat snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Come in and discover if your airway is getting blocked and causing you to suffer from lack of oxygen and lack of sleep, putting you at risk physically and mentally. 

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