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As a leading expert in sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues, Bryan Keropian, DDS, has designed and developed his own mouthpieces to provide highly customized treatments. At his Full Breath Center of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, Dr. Keropian prescribes his patented and FDA-cleared mouthpieces to treat your sleep apnea and relieve your symptoms. Call the Full Breath Center of Beverly Hills or make an appointment online today to find out if an oxygen mouthpiece is right for you. 

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Dr. Keropian has been treating patients for sleep apnea and TMJ issues for decades, and over the years, he’s found that many patients don’t respond to traditional treatments such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices or standard mouthpiece appliances.

Having suffered from headaches from TMJ issues and sleep apnea, Dr. Keropian is well aware of the disruptions these conditions can cause you and your health, and he is committed to finding an effective, customizable treatment.

Dr. Keropian discovered that when people sleep, their tongue rolls up and then back, blocking the airway. He invented a series of tongue-restraining appliances, similar to dental retainers, that are custom-made to address the tongue, rather than relying on repositioning the jaw. His Full Breath Solution mouthpiece relieves sleep apnea while reducing or eliminating the side effects created by other mouthpieces. These side effects often cause people to quit using those other devices.

Building on his studies of the work of 20th-century physician Dr. Otto Warburg, he created a version of the mouthpiece that connects to an oxygen concentrator, allowing it to provide a steady stream of oxygen while you sleep, increasing your oxygen intake to 95%-99%.

After winning a Nobel Prize in 1931 for demonstrating the negative effects of insufficient oxygenation, Dr. Warburg continued his research on oxygen, concluding that oxygen content of at least 95% leads to the elimination of cancer, infections, and viruses, and changes the body from acidic to alkaline. He was prevented from receiving an additional Nobel Prize for his work on this subject in 1944 by the Nazi government.

With this in mind, Dr. Keropian designed a mouthpiece with an adjustable wire tail to depress the tongue and keep the airway open. He added tubes that connect to an oxygen concentrator so they can deliver a high percentage of oxygen to the body.

In clinical trials, Dr. Keropian was able to reach 95% oxygenation. According to Warburg’s research, high oxygenation levels improve every aspect of your health, and Dr. Keropian’s patented mouthpieces and Full Breath Solution are what you need to enhance your health. 

Dr. Keropian’s oxygen mouthpiece is an effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. The mouthpiece may also reduce the teeth grinding and jaw clenching that can contribute to TMJ pain.

Almost 45% of those with sleep apnea have severe sleep apnea, meaning they suffer from 30 or more apneic episodes each hour, so there is a great need for oxygen treatment. Abundant oxygen eliminates acidity and eliminating these two maladies can eliminate or reduce your pain. While a CPAP device is the No. 1 medical treatment for sleep apnea, 60%-80% of patients reject it due to its discomfort.

Occasionally, we will see someone who has an injury and yet they have no pain. Why? The majority of people with that problem have pain. We believe those persons have no sleep apnea, get good levels of oxygen and an alkaline body, and thus no pain. That is one of our goals for you, improve your sleep apnea and your oxygenation and improve your health, pain, and energy. 

At the Full Breath Center of Beverly Hills, Dr. Keropian provides a highly customized service. He begins your treatment with a comprehensive exam to diagnose the condition that’s causing your symptoms. If an oxygen mouthpiece is the best treatment for your circumstances, he fits you with one.

Dr. Keropian shows you how to adjust the tongue depressor and provides personalized advice for wearing the mouthpiece and using the oxygen concentrator if needed while you sleep. You have follow-up appointments so Dr. Keropian can monitor your symptoms and provide comfort-enhancing adjustments to your mouthpiece.

Call the Full Breath Center of Beverly Hills or make an appointment online today to find out if the Full Breath Solution and Dr. Keropian’s oxygen mouthpiece are right for you. 

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