The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

We sure hear a lot about sleep apnea on TV and radio. Is it as dangerous as they are saying? Yes, it is. It may well be the most dangerous disease on the planet. How could that be?

Let’s start with what does sleep apnea cause and what does it result in. Sleep apnea occurs when we sleep and the tongue, which is a muscle and suffers with loss of muscle tone, falls backwards as we sleep and blocks the airway from allowing oxygen to get to the lungs.

The blocked airway results in low oxygen levels in the body, known as hypoxemia.

When one has hypoxemia, this results in the body becoming acidic.

How do you think low oxygen and acidity effective the immune system? Not in a good way. It weakens the immune system and makes us more prone to illness, body breakdown, and pain.

The Center for Disease Control, CDC, lists on their website the 10 leading causes of death in the USA. One is suicide, and two is an accident event, the other 8 all are made worse by hypoxemia and acidosis. And there are approximately 50 more maladies that are exacerbated by these two maladies. That is why we believe sleep apnea is one of the most dangerous diseases on the planet.

Where has this data been? Great question. The answer lies with the fact that medicine did not and does not have a medical device that comfortably delivers oxygen and elevate the oxygen to abundant levels. Medicines top device is the CPAP which has a rejection rate up to 80%.

The newest addition to this stream of bad news is that the World Health Organization has a new most dangerous disease on the planet, antibiotic resistant bacteria, AMR. They are called “Super Bugs”. Their concern is that bacteria has become resistant to antibiotics and there are no answers coming from Pharma or Medicine. They state that AMR will replace cancer becoming the leading cause of death on the planet.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The good news is that dentistry has an answer for these maladies. Dentistry has a mouthpiece that can deliver oxygen to the body with an oxygen concentrator. It has high patient acceptance. This avenue of treatment is based on the research work of Otto Warburg MD, a Jewish Physician in Hitler’s 1931 Germany, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for showing that low levels of oxygen in the body could lead to increased cancer, infectious bacteria, virus, and increased acidity, acidosis.

In 1944 he was to be awarded a second Nobel Prize that Hitler and the Nazis did not let him receive. This was for research showing that abundant oxygen could eliminate or reduce these 4 maladies listed above.

American dentistry has developed a mouthpiece, the Full Breath, that has a wire tail that can be bent down to depress the tongue and open the airway. And to this open airway oxygen is comfortably delivered to the body with the Full Breath connected to an oxygen concentrator. The body’s oxygen level is elevated to abundant levels.

At this point we are in the planning stages of a clinical study at Marina Del Rey hospital in Calif. We will place the Full Breath Appliance with patients who have bacterial infections. We believe that Warburg’s Nobel Prize research will show that we can get control of this dangerous disease.


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We know that sleep apnea and snoring cause low oxygen levels in the body, hypoxemia. This results in the body becoming acidic. These two maladies

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