You Don’t Have to Suffer From TMJ Pain

Suffering with pain, low energy, and little desire to do much is not a happy story to tell. Would you like some answers that work? Of course.

Well the good news is you came to the right website and I have some great treatment answers. Having treated TMJ and neck & facial pain for 25 years, and sleep apnea and snoring for 16 years. I have seen much misery, and have uncovered great data to get you doing better and end your misery.

Let me start by telling you that I discovered that approximately 75% of TMJ patients have sleep apnea. The two maladies are very closely intertwined. And with this knowledge, we have developed a new treatment methodology for eliminating and reducing pain.

When your body has low levels of oxygen, hypoxemia, one becomes acidic. The combination of these two weaken the immune system from slight to severe. A weakened immune system has its ability to fight pain impaired. And with 75% of the TMJ patients having sleep apnea, they are operating with their bodies at low levels of oxygen. They have weakened immune systems and now we see why they are in pain, fatigued and listless, and seeing a number of health professionals.

With low levels of oxygen, the body clenches the teeth as a defense mechanism trying to open the airway. It is called sleep bruxism. This clenching of the teeth is a big cause of TMJ patients waking with headaches and facial pain. “Menstrual cramps” in the facial muscles.

Well, we do have two answers for this, first a mouthpiece that keeps the airway open when you sleep getting you more oxygen. This results in less clenching of the teeth and reduced cramping of the muscles of the head and neck which results in less pain.

The second answer is a mouthpiece that was developed in 1999 that has you biting on the upper and lower front two teeth only. These are small teeth and they can’t take the clenching pressures that the big back molars can. The brain automatically lessens the clenching pressures about 2/3’s. This mouthpiece got FDA approval as an appliance for the treatment of migraines and chronic tension headaches.

I know these two solutions sound good. My suggestion is that you come into my office for a courtesy consultation and we see what is going on with you and what can we do to correct this problem. And those of you in distant areas I have dentists all over the country following our methodology. Contact me and I can refer you to a Dr. in your locale.


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We know that sleep apnea and snoring cause low oxygen levels in the body, hypoxemia. This results in the body becoming acidic. These two maladies

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